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Ideas That Make Motorised Awnings A Good Window Treatment for your Home

Does your home have a patio area or open locan that you can not utilise since it has no roof or shade? If you have this problem, it readies to know that you can set up a retractable awning for covering and security against excessive heat and rain.

Now there are different window awnings you can choose from and install on your home. You can put them in a place where they can supply shade to an outside space. You can operate them by hand, but there are also electric awnings that are way more convenient offered by reputable manufacturers like “Inwood Blinds and Shutters“.

Your options in motorised awnings

Unlike other awnings, motorised electric awnings are more convenient and easier to use. If you have an interest in getting an exterior canopy  for outdoor areas around your home, here are a few options that are well worth considering:

Wireless Remote Operation

Such awnings do not have the wires that often get tangled up. Only install it outside your window or a particular location in your patio, and you can manage it without having to walk right up to it. You can operate

In addition to the cordless feature, these external awnings are likewise remote-operated. Thus you can control the shade even if you are far away.


Depending on the kind of awning, there are ones that have sensors for the elements. When they discover intense sunshine or too much wind pressure, they automatically fold or retract as needed.

Group Function

A feature that enables you to control more than one awning at any given time. You can make group changes to every shade you have installed in your home with a push of a button.

In addition to these features, there is also a number of folding arm awnings that operate using solar energy. For individuals who choose manual awnings or exterior roller blinds because they do not take in power, this can be the equaliser.

Now that you are aware of the lots of features of electric and motorised awnings, it is now as much as you whether you wish to experience these conveniences or not. Although motorised awnings do tend to cost more than its’ standard counterpart, many would agree that the added convenience is well worth the cost.

Learn more about your options in motorised awnings by checking out websites like Only then can you decide whether it is the right window treatment for you.


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